Beatricia Sagar

Cloud in this era of technology is the most sophisticated development of the ability to collect vast amounts of information and imagery. Each painting is unique and created with the understanding that it might end up bound to other paintings to form dynamic grids of varying complexities. The combinations are endless. It is in this way that Cloud influences this new and everchanging body of work.


These are examples of the variety of ways the individual painting changes as they are placed in a new composition. They become notes of the synchronous vibrations of each neighboring painting. The result is more like a world of suggestions and interactions.


This work is built by layering paint and collage to completion, and then it is washed and wiped by a raining, dripping paint to create a lush surface. Some of its secrets are kept and some are revealed. The eye is forced to search for clues to these Exquisite Journeys.


The scene paintings explore narrative through the imagery of Interiors. Within the architecture of each painting, waiting in the wings are endless artistic inventions of shape, color, patterns, created with paint and collage.


These elegant elongated paintings with richly painted surfaces have been part of my work for many years. They occupy the space around them with a kind of determination and are beautiful in a variety of groups.

AVAILABLE WORK 2007 - 2012

Work from many of the series of the past. Some of them have been made quite affordable and I can be contacted for more info.

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Beatricia Sagar

ArtCenter / South Florida
Studio 102
810 Lincoln Road
Miami, FL 33139

prices upon request

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