Beatricia Sagar

2011 Space & Places, Cheryl Hazan Gallery, NY
2009 Vessels, Cheryl Hazan Gallery, NY
2008 Alphabet paintings Cheryl Hazan Gallery, NY
2007 Haiku of Painting, Cheryl Hazan Gallery, NY
2005 Rhythms of a Walk in the Park, Cheryl Hazan Gallery, NY
2004 Poetry in Motion Cheryl Hazan Gallery, New York,NY
2002 Gardens at the Temple of Hope, Cheryl Hazan Arts, NY
2002 Squares and Totems, Melanee Cooper Gallery, Chicago, IL
2001 Architecture and Atmosphere, Cheryl Hazan Arts, NY
2000 Totems of the Mystery of Morning, Cheryl Hazan Arts, NY
2000 Emergence, Elaine Benson Gallery, Southampton, NY
1999 Viewpoints, Upstairs Gallery, ArtCenter, South Florida
1998 Square to Infinity and Totem Series DFN Gallery, NY
1997 Windows Gramercy Park Artexpo, Miami Beach, FL
1997 Art 3 Ways 1021 Gallery, Miami Beach, FL
1997 Path to Paradise Jamson White, Miami Beach, FL
1996 Heart, DFN Gallery, NY
1995 Palm Warm Winds, 821 Lincoln , Miami Beach, FL
1994 Voyage through the Palms, 598 Broadway, NY
1994 Voyage through the Palms, Radost FX Gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.
1994 Palm Trees in the Catskills, Open Air Gallery, NY
1993 Porch Paintings, 598 Broadway, NY
1993 South Beach Palms, 107 Art Gallery, Miami Beach, FL
1992 Moons and Meditators, 598 Broadway, NY
1991 Statue of Liberty , Pan Am Building, NY,
1990 Can this Animal be Saved?, Terra Verde, NY
1989 Statue of Liberty, Cactus Bleu, Paris, France
1989 Figurative Fantasy, Larsen Dulman Gallery, New Hope, PA
1989 In Anticipation, The Wave Gallery, New Haven, CT
1988 Statue of Liberty, Jon Ulman Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
1986 Happy 100, Limbo Gallery, NY
1985 Little Red Riding Hood, Limbo Gallery, NY
1984 Little Red Riding Hood, Galerie Silvia Menzel, West Berlin, Germany
1983 Installation, Civilian Warfare Gallery, NY


2008, 2009, 2010, The Red Show, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, NY
2007 Petal Fusion, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, NY
2005 Art & the City, Miami Beach, FL
2004 Gallery of Fine Art, Newtown, PA
2003 Black and White Show, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, NY
2002 Update/2002 ,Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, NY
2001 Encaustic, Art Mecca Gallery, Chicago, IL


Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas
Royal Caribbean Rapsody
St. John's Womens Hospital, Tampa, FL
Federal Reserve Bank of Miami, Doral, FL
Johnson & Johnson
American Express
U.S. State Dept.
MTV Corporate Collection
Fountainbleu Hotel, Miami Beach, FL
Harrah's Diamond Lodge, San Diego
Hilton, Daytona Beach
Hotel Palmillo, La Paz, Mexico
Grand Hyatt, New York
Four Seasons Hotel, Miami, FL
Marriot Hotel, Orlando, FL
Colonial Bank, Miami Beach, FL


Boca Raton, FL
Coral Gables, FL
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Palm Beach, FL
Tampa, FL
Los Angeles, CA
Topango, CA
Walnut Creek, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Scottsdale, AZ
Las Vegas, NV
Dallas, TX
Boston, MA
Atlanta, GA
Seattle, WA


Suze Orman
Julie Chen
Horst Rechelbach
Ari Dinckok, Istanbul, Turkey


Brooklyn Museum Art School
Art Students League
The New School


A Women's Journal

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Beatricia Sagar

ArtCenter / South Florida
Studio 102
810 Lincoln Road
Miami, FL 33139

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